PhenePlate software

Software for measurements of PhP and AREB plates by the aid of a flatbed scanner, or for transferring OD values from a microplate reader to PhP format.

Software for analysing of data from up to 6000 isolates.

Clustering software which prints out a dendogram and a list of phenotypes from up to 1000 isolates.

Software for calculation of diversity indices and population similarity coefficients. Suitable for ecological studies involving up to 6000 isolates from up to 100 different samples.

Microplate analyser software

Software for transforming images created by a desktop scanner (or digital camera) to absorbance data. The software can be used for normal 96 well microplates as well as for 384 well microplates, and can measure normal absorbance values (e.g. ELISA), color shifts (PhP), as well as precipitates in round bottomed microplates (MARA, AREB). By using this software, an expensive Elisa reader can be replaced with a cheap desktop scanner