Serological Reagents

PhPlate AB produces serological reagents for diagnosis of selected bacterial infections. These tests are today mainly used in central laboratories.
All serological reagents are produced to be used in microplates and can be read by spectrophotometer.





Staphylococcal ELISA kit

is primarily designed for determination of rising or elevated serum antibody titers caused by deep Staphylococcus aureus infections.

The kit contains two highly purified and standardized antigens (a-toxin and teichoic acid) with control antisera. The method is designed for determination of IgG in serum.

This test may be used on various indications:

  • Diagnosis of deep S. aureus infections
  • Acute diagnosis of S. aureus bronchitis in CF-patients
  • Follow up of antibiotic therapy
  • Screening for IgG2-immunodeficient individuals



Streptococcal DNase kit

is primarily designed for determination of rising or elevated neutralising serum antibody titers caused by Streptococcus pyogenes (beta-Streptococci group A, GAS) infections.

This kit contains highly purified DNase B and substrate (methyl green-DNA) with control sera. The test may be read by eye or spectrophotometer.

This test may be used to verify or to rule out suspected recent Streptococcal infections.





Serological data

On serological diagnosis of deep Staphylococcal infections (septicaemia) using alpha-toxin and teichoic acid in an indirect antibody ELISA for serum IgG (4) with acute and convalescent samples

Sensitivity (%)
Specificity (%)
Pos LR
Neg LR
High titre
Rise of titre
High and/or rise



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