PhenePlate Products


General Information


The PhenePlateTM system is an automated system for simple and rapid subtyping of bacteria for epidemiological, nosocomial and ecological studies. The system is based on the evaluation of the kinetics of biochemical reactions (by reading test results at several occasions), performed in 96 well microplates. The microplates (PhP plates) contain 2 to 8 sets of dehydrated reagents, which have been specifically selected for various groups of microorganisms.


Rapid Screening   PhP-Plates:

No of isolates per plate:
No of reagents per assay:
Suitable for:
PhP – RE
E. coli
PhP – RF
PhP – AE
Aeromonas spp
PhP – RV
Vibrio spp

Rapid screening PhP plates   differentiate each isolate on 11 reagents. Rapid screening plates are particular   suitable for ecological studies involving large numbers of isolates, when the   information of the whole population is more important than the information on   each individual isolate. 

Another PhenePlate product needed for running the test is a suspending medium. It can be easily prepared in the lab, and the reagents for preparing it can be purchased from any lab store or from us

The PhenePlate software
The PhP software is a versatile software for analysis of typing data. It can be used to analyse up to 6000 isolates simultaneously. Some of the options included in the PhP software are

  • Reading of microplates using a flatbed scanner or a microplate reader
  • Importing and exporting data to Microsoft Excel
  • analysing of data from up to 10000 isolates
  • Clustering of data and presentation of dendrograms
  • Creation of and comparisons to reference data bases
  • Analysis of microbial populations using diversity indices and population similarity coefficients

If you want to try the PhP software, a demo version is available. Please E-mail us